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Automatic Tracking Disk Saw

Meet production requirements of PU sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel,glass wool sandwich panel, soft surface panel, PU-rock wool composite panel for cold storage, construction etc.

Product Details

Disk saw contains encoder servo tracking device, disk saw, working table, dust-extraction unit, adjustable roller, fast roller and so on.

1)Run speed of band saw: 3000rpm;

2)Cut speed:10m/min;

3)Transverse move distance:1300mm ;

4)Lengthways move distance:2000mm;

5)Guide rail length 4300MM;

6)Adopts linear guide raids gear rack drive while traverse feeding;

7)Adopts high-precision linear gear rack and ball-screw while lengthways tracking.

8)When the linear speed is 6m/min, the shortest cut length is 1200mm

9)Lengthways tracking servo motor: 7.5kw

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