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Soft Substrate Auto Stacke

Meet production requirements of PU sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel,glass wool sandwich panel, soft surface panel, PU-rock wool composite panel for cold storage, construction etc.

Product Details

1)Auto stacker system is composed of conveyor roller, pushing device, lifting mechanism and stacking transverse etc.

2)Handling device of auto stacker adjusts speed by transducer. It brakes promptly positon precisely when the panels arrive at the preset location so that the work pieces can be stacked neatly.

3)There is no sliding friction in the whole process of stacking to make sure that no damage on the surface of panels. Auto stacker includes high-speed movable conveyor and transmission parking device. After stacking, the panels enter into the wrapping machine thought transmission rollers.

1) Max work piece dimension: 600*1200mm, the height of auto stacker is not less than 0.5m and the height is adjustable.

2) Speed: 40 pcs/min

3) The ends of the panels are very neat after stacking.

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