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Soft Substrate System

Meet production requirements of PU sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel,glass wool sandwich panel, soft surface panel, PU-rock wool composite panel for cold storage, construction etc.

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In July,2012, Weihua provided the whole set of flexible surface sandwich panel line to Nanjing Hongbaoli Co., Ltd., which has multiterm of top-level patent technology, such as side seal of sandwich panel, up & down surface material deviation correction centering and detecting, surface material connection and energy-saving of double-belt conveyor. The width of sandwich panel output from double belt conveyor is 1203mm (without side trimming), base on two shift daily output, every year can save the PU material of about 1.5 million, especially double belt conveyor whose heat preservation system can save 30% energy consumption for customer.

The correction device of soft substrate decoiler is one of the core part of the whole production line. It can decoil smoothly for soft substrates such as kraft paper、asphalt fabric、cement mortar paper & fabric、aluminium foil and so on and then supply to double-belt conveyor to solidify.The keypoint of the correction device is to solve the problem of non-centring and correct the deflection.The precision can be controled within 2mm. This device lays the foundation for saving more material when side seal for double belt conveyor.

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