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Thermoplastic Film Wrapping Machine

Meet production requirements of PU sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel,glass wool sandwich panel, soft surface panel, PU-rock wool composite panel for cold storage, construction etc.

Product Details

After the stacked panels go into the wrapping machine through the transmission rollers, cover the thin film on the composite boards.
According to the principle of expansion and contraction, the wrapping machine heats the thin film to frap the panels entirely. This process is called thermoplastic film wrapping. 

1) Packaging film shrinks evenly, no accumulation

2) Total motor power: 22kw

3)Power input: 15KVA

4)Power input: AC380V, three-phase four-wire system

5)Temperature range: environment temperature 140℃(thermal shrinking room);

6)Thermal shrinking room: 2.5*2*1m (L*W*H) (50mm PU panel);

7)Mode of delivery: active transmission roller

8)Power of rollers: 1.5KW

9)Max transmission weight:120kg

10)Conveyor width: 1300mm

11)Pinch type: cylinder lock, mechanism transmission

12)The biggest sealing length: 1800mm

13)The biggest sealing height: 1000mm

14)The biggest shrinking measurement: width 1200mm*height 1000mm

15)Sealing temperature: not more than 250℃

16)Sealing time: 1s-1.5s

17)The circulation fan power: about 0.55kw*4

18)Cooling motor power: 0.17kw

19)Packing efficiency:3 packages/min (stacking specification 1m*1.2m*0.6m)

20)Outline dimension: 2m*8m*2m( from pyrocondensation to cooling)

21)Back roller (after cooling): not more than 5m (according to customer’s requirements)

22)Packing material: PE、PVC、POF etc pyrocondensation material

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