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Sandwich panel exporter-WEIHUA Machinery

Source: │ Datetime:2020-06-11

WEIHUA Machinery, as a domestic professional manufacturer of sandwich panel production lines, is constantly developing the scale and strength of the enterprise, and is also researching innovative and updating production technologies. The PANTANE FOAMING technology developed by WEIHUA is successful because of its safety and good performance. The ground provides favorable conditions for sandwich panel export islands around the world.

Export case

★Africa Customer:

On December 5, 2019, WEIHUA Machinery and the Moroccan insulation material manufacturer reached cooperation. WEIHUA spent a week providing customers with PU insulation material solutions, understanding and participating in their entire continuous PU sandwich panel production line factory and production process, and finally provided them with a satisfactory quotation for the PU sandwich panel production line.

Middle Eastern customers:

In May 2014, WEIHUA Machinery provided the entire continuous PU sandwich panel production line for the metal forming support plant in Qatar.

American customers:

In 2012, WEIHUA Machinery provided the entire continuous PU sandwich panel production line to Peruvian customers.

Of course, WEIHUA Machinery has always provided more services to Asian customers, such as Nanjing Hongbaoli Co., Ltd., Fujian Zhanhong Panel Development Co.,Ltd and so on.

WEIHUA Machinery has done a good job in exporting sandwich panels, and can communicate deeply with customers to meet customers' better needs.

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