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The world's leading PU foaming technology

Source: │ Datetime:2020-07-06

After 20 years of constant and great endeavor, WeiHua precedes in the research, design, manufacturing of complete PU production line in this field. We have obtained several inventive patent, among which foaming and plain plate are of leading technology. We are the only researching and manufacturing company that possesses the integrated technology of roll forming, PU/PIR chemical foaming production line. Our core technologies as high speed shearing and emulsification in foaming machine have already surpassed that of European developed countries.

The whole PU sandwich panel production line includes:uncoiler, auto sheet connecting device, sheet material storage, up and down shovel lifting, punching, filming and cutting device, ribbing device, roll forming machine, steel panel pre-heating equipment, high pressure foaming machine, side seal device, double-belt conveyor machine, heating device of double-belt conveyor, automatic tracking band-saw, auto deburring machine, output roller path, panel cooling system, edge milling, automatic stacker, wrapping machine and so on.

Uncoiler      Palletizing

Based on years of research and practice, WeiHua prove that in order to produce high-quality sandwich panel with same material, the line should firstly meet the following three main conditions: 1)double belt conveyor with high precision, running steadily and good synchronism between up and down belts; 2)foaming machine with good mixture performance and even foam; 3)solving various side effects to panel during the forming process. Aiming at above requests, WeiHua continues technical improvements: 1)double belt conveyor adopts two-stage transmission, reducing chain transmission polygonal action; 2) foaming machine adopts dynamic high-speed shearing and emulsifying technology which ensures the foam even and stable performance; 3)roll forming machine reasonably arranges groove design with actual forming process optimization and suitable forming stations, greatly reduce the steel wave during forming.

Our production line adopts modular and standardized design. We meet the needs of customers in the same way as building blocks. This not only saves design time, but also shortens the time for manufacturing, installation and commissioning. It can fully meet the needs of customers to expand their business in the future, and avoids the shortcomings that almost all other production lines cannot be upgraded and transformed, thus bringing invaluable value to customers.

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