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Three types of CZ roll forming machine

Source: │ Datetime:2020-08-10

As a professional manufacturer of forming machine equipment, WEIHUA can clearly understand how to provide solutions after punching and cutting, and help customers obtain a consistent image.


Type of forming machine equipment:


Z-slot roll forming machine

 Z-slot roll forming machine

This machine is fully automatic controlled by PLC. The entire hydraulic drive drives the hydraulic cylinder to cut into the hole through the central pump station. 

The hydraulic motor is used as the main drive to transmit power. It is characterized by reliable operation. Hydraulic pressure, high precision of hole shearing, high output, low energy consumption, the geometry of the incision forms an incision. 

Its hydraulic transmissibility, two sets of calibration are correct and coordinated, have been granted national patents.


C groove roll forming machine

 C groove roll forming machine

One machine can manufacture four types of C lin bars by changing the blades.


✧ C&Z Purlin Roll Forming Line

C&Z Purlin Roll Forming Line


C pur strips are usually used on roof and wall surfaces. Since the roof requires wind and snow loads, it is best to use a continuous beam structure. 

Due to overlapping failures, C failure bars can only form a simple support, rather than a continuous beam structure. 

This is why C pur strips are mainly used as wall lin strips, while Z lin strips are mainly used as roof pur strips.

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