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How to choose roof sandwich panels

Source: │ Datetime:2020-03-30

Under normal circumstances, single-laminated steel plates, double-laminated steel plates, and composite color steel sandwich panels can be selected for the housing panels of steel structure plants.

Single-laminated steel plates are mostly used for roofing of simple factory buildings or temporary factory buildings. Single-laminated steel plates are economical and affordable, but they have poor heat insulation and sound insulation effects, and are easy to leak.
Composite color steel sandwich panels are mostly insulated cores, which have good heat insulation and sound insulation effects. However, as roof panels, sandwich panels are required to use flame retardant materials.
For the roof of structural workshop, the sandwich panel should be selected according to the use of the workshop:
1. Ordinary double-sided profiled steel sheet polyethylene foam sandwich panel is used for the roof of the general plant. The thicker the core material, the better the thermal insulation and thermal insulation.
2. For a house with a deeper depth and a factory building that requires natural light, the roof sandwich panel should be a transparent and transparent sandwich panel. For example: transparent plastic sandwich panel.
3. For factories with fire protection requirements, the roof is made of fire-resistant double-sided profiled steel rock wool sandwich panel, which can have heat insulation, heat insulation and fire resistance properties together.
Such sandwich panels must meet the required fire rating of the design. Moreover, the exterior of the steel structure in the factory building must be painted with fireproof paint; fire doors and windows are used for doors and windows.
Select the type of roof sandwich panel according to the functional requirements of the plant. For example, if you want to set fire, you usually choose rock wool. If you use thermal insulation, use composite panels. Therefore, general thermal insulation is still important (for cold storage). Bulk density.

The production of roof sandwich panels requires a roll forming machine. Weihua Machinery provides three roof sandwich panel production machines.
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