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pu foam machine manufacturers in china

Source: │ Datetime:2020-06-03

The foaming machine is the core component of the continuous sandwich panel production line and directly affects the quality of the production panel. In China, Weihua Machinery is a polyurethane foam manufacturer. Weihua has been devoted to the research of foaming machines for many years. This technology involves 1) pentane explosion-proof safety technology, 2) fluid heat exchange technology, 3) gas-liquid mixed emulsification technology, 4) high-precision mixing technology of various material flows 5) electrical automation control, 6) internal combustion engine common rail Injector technology (needle tip injection technology), 7) core technology in subdivided fields such as precision mechanical design and manufacturing heat treatment, 8) temperature control technology.

  Our company mainly uses the principle of high-speed shear mixing to disperse, shear, emulsify, stir, and dissolve a variety of different proportions, different viscosities, and incompatible solids, gases, and liquids. Arranged to form a new continuous phase liquid juice, to ensure uniform and stable foaming.

The multi-component high-pressure foaming machine is equipped with a tank storage system, which satisfies the continuous feeding of the foaming machine during mass production and the mode of external logistics supplying raw materials by tank truck, which can greatly save the cost of chemical materials and reduce the frequency Feeding. The mold temperature is controlled in advance for the temperature of chemical materials to ensure that the raw materials are close to the process temperature. Material storage system mainly includes material storage tank, circulation conveyance, heat exchange, temperature control unit, pipeline system, electrical control, etc.

  With the popularization and application of high flame retardant PIR B1 grade polyurethane, pentane is used as a blowing agent, and the new foaming machine will become the core configuration of the production line. After nearly 20 years of continuous development and optimization of the foaming machine, Weihua has now fully mastered all core technologies and successfully applied it to multiple production lines at home and abroad.

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